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Graded Phonics Readers

Graded Phonics Readers

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For those children who are struggling with phonics, Graded Phonics Readers can offer them additional support they need to decode words quickly and confidently.

Get ready to transform your child’s learning journey with our book! Crafted with care by teachers and loved by many kids, our series of 12 amazing books across 3 exciting levels comes with a bonus activity book that is all about fun and effective learning.

Why buy this Graded Phonics Readers:

Widely Recognized: Over 150,000 parents have already discovered the incredible benefits of the graded phonics reader, making it a trusted choice for families worldwide.

Boosts Key Skills: Specifically designed to enhance children's reading accuracy, articulation, and self-confidence, ensuring a solid foundation in early literacy skills.

Expertly Crafted: Developed by experienced teachers, each book is carefully tailored to support and advance a child's reading journey.

Colorful and Engaging: Filled with vibrant, colorful illustrations that capture children's attention and stimulate their imagination.

Rich Learning Experience: Introduces children to a variety of sounds, word patterns, and new vocabulary, enriching their language skills in an enjoyable and interactive way.

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Penghantaran Cepat: Kami menawarkan penghantaran yang pantas untuk memastikan anda menerima pesanan anda dalam masa yang sesingkat mungkin.

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We always provide a prompt response to address any inquiries or needs you may have.
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We are an authorized and trusted distributor, ensuring you receive quality and Sharia-compliant products.