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Stories of My Beloved Prophet Muhammad
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The area of jahiliyah is thre era which existed before the establishment of Islam. It was the era filled with sins, crimes, unfairness and chaos. Due to living in great sorrow, people were anxiously waiting for the arrival of Last Prophet, expecting him to bring benefits and blessings to all. The news of the ascend of the Last Prophet was mentioned in all the holy books. The Holy Prophet was born in the month of Rabiulawal in the City of Makkah. He was sent to all the people of the world as mercy. 'Stories of My Beloved Prophet Muhammad for Kids' tell the heart-melting events of Prophet Muhammad's life (from before he was born till he died). Every piece of information is accompanied by a source of reference. The aim of this book is to able the readers to know Prophet Muhammad SAW better and hence to love him the way Allah loves him.

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